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Camille Jackson Jones is a certified Lymphatic Frequency Expert from Washington, DC. CEJ Images originated in Maryland with a new home base in Atlanta, GA. The daughter of three physicians, Camille spent the majority of her upbringing enmeshed in the medical field. Throughout her high school journey, she managed and supported her parents in their gifts of healing through direct clinical assistance or management of their offices, creating a direct view into variations of 'healing', mainly the strength of a patient's frequency or energy of the mind and it's ability to heal.

As a Psychology major with a minor in photography, Camille focused on image, both internal and external and the healing connection between the two. She then spent a number of years in the teen pageant industry traveling as a motivational speaker encouraging young women to create their own image. In 2008, partnered with her mother in a spa venture, Your Body By Design Medispa where she was introduced to  form of lymphatic drainage through frequency called Jade therapy. She received her certification as a Lymphatic Drainage Specialist and realized her true purpose. As a holistic detox, lymphatic drainage through Jade is the realization of the synergy between spirit, mind and body in reference to healing. It stimulates the body's natural detox processes, allowing the cells to reset and heal the body from the inside out by removing inflammation from cells.

'If the energy of your spirit is strong, it feeds positivity and healing to the mind and then to the body.'


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In 2000, she converted CEJ Images, originally a photographic image company into a complete holistic image company focusing on wellness from the inside out. In 2012, the focus of CEJ Images changed again after her father was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer. As his primary caretaker, she studied the impact of lymphatic drainage on cancer and witnessed lymphatic drainage through Jade as the only relief her father experienced. It also had a profound affect on his mind, elevating his mood thus increasing his feelings of relief from pain. 

In 2011, she was introduced to the great Alfredo Bowman, otherwise known as Dr. Sebi, and her focus was enhanced yet again. Based on Dr. Sebi's teachings, Mrs. Jones coined the term Lymphatic Frequency Detox which describes the body's energetic life force that uses oxygen to completely heal the body through the sinuses. Her mission continues by creating proprietary detox modalities through Jade and Lymphatic Frequency Detox designed to naturally strengthen the body's immune system, enabling it to heal itself from whatever diseased state it is in.

It is truly a one of a kind experience as Camille uses her understanding of energy to listen to the body and let it dictate her protocol giving every client a completely unique experience. Her treatments have affected diseased states ranging from sinus inflammation and hair loss to generalized pain, wasting diseases and cancer and have been featured on HBO, Showtime and The Roland Martin and Rashad Richey shows.

CEJ Images Academy of Body Mechanics was formed in 2018 as a certification curriculum that teaches all who desire to learn how to take control of their wellness through Lymphatic Frequency Detox and other living modalities. 

'The body was created to heal itself from the inside out. The lymphatic system and your cells are those healers. Detox man's environment from the body, reset the cells and you have healing...from everything.'

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