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The lymphatic system is basically the waste receptacle of the body and is a branching tree like system that is 'attached' to our blood vessels so it can absorb fluids (inflammation) and toxins from the vessels and the blood and shunt these substances to the kidneys for elimination in the urine. Because of the toxins in the air and in our foods, the lymph system is stagnant and cannot function optimally. Stimulation of this system then allows it to function properly in cleansing our bodies. Lymphatic drainage, then, is the process of opening up the system through painless Derma Ray high frequency cold laser. 


Lymphatic drainage is a highly effective, comprehensive detox treatment for holistic healing. If the body's metabolic and waste removal systems are not functioning properly, the body will be adversely affected resulting in inflammation, pain and disease. Restoring unobstructed lymphatic circulation results in the enhancement of the immune system. As such, lymphatic detoxification may positively influence various ailments such as immunosuppressive disorders including cancers, fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, Crohn's, inflammatory and/or infectious conditions of the blood, soft tissue, intestines and pulmonary systems. It can also produce positive results for weight issues, cellulite, aging and other degenerative conditions by removing toxins and stimulating our natural electrical impulses to function effectively by speeding cellular turnover.

WHAT IS LYMphatic Frequency detox?
Lymphatic Frequency is a non-surgical, non-invasive holistic high frequency light detox treatment that has been clinically shown to safely deliver a variety of benefits to clients who wish to obtain a healthier and more youthful self. The JADE system is the only device in the world that features microcurrent, gemstone light and sound which are used for healing and rejuvenation. Among the list of benefits the detox offers are the following: erases wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating collagen growth, eliminates and/or diminishes pain by removing local toxins and inflammation, rejuvenates the body by correcting its electrical impulses, regrows hair by increasing circulation at the hair shaft, just to name a few. This detox may be used on men and women as young as 1 year old.
the procedure

Special essential oil solutions are customized per client and applied to the body. Stimulation of the lymph system is painlessly performed with a dermawand on the thoracic duct, under the arms and in the groin area. The dermawand is also used directly on the area(s) being treated. This can take from 2-10 minutes based on what is being treated. Microcurrent jade detox follows and can take anywhere from 10-90 minutes. The microcurrent is not felt. The client feels only the metal probes as they run across the treated areas. The microcurrent cleanses and tones the body. There are no negative side effects and no down time. LED, percussion and other cold lasers are also used for conditions that call for it. Most clients see a measurable difference in pain levels, size of limbs, facial contour and skin tightening after their first treatment and the results are progressive.  


Arthritis, Bursitis

Breast Conditions, Fibrocystic Disease




Facial Rejuvenation (Natural Face Lift)

Hair Loss

High Blood Pressure


Intestinal Syndromes

Pain, especially soft tissue


Post Op Healing


Sinus Problems/Allergies

Swelling, Edema...

Just to name a few...

All Jade treatments are proprietary and performed by Camille Jones

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