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All services are performed using high frequency lymphatic stimulation.


Body contouring through lymphatic drainage enables the body to balance through detox, resetting the cells. A reset of the cells rids the body of excess fluid and mucus contouring the affected areas. The treatment is painless and takes on average 30-45 minutes and is generally needed in a series. Based on individual client needs. clients are seen every 2 to four weeks but can be seen more frequently. 


The body yearns for homeostasis, or a state of balance. When homeostasis occurs, the body is in balance, stays consistently detoxed and carries a balanced Ph level. When that balance is interrupted, particularly by environmental (outside) factors, problems occur. The body then indicates to us that there are problems. Pain, skin problems, hair loss, allergies and swelling are only a few of the indicators that the body is imbalanced. Lymphatic drainage allows the body to detox itself back to a state of homeostasis.


Hair loss comes in many forms and often starts with thinning. The head itself is a large sinus cavity that feeds oxygen and hydration to hair follicles. If those cavities become inflamed with excess fluid and mucus, neither water nor oxygen can get to the the hair follicles, dehydrating and suffocating them. 

Lymphatic detox of the hair follicles instantly removes excess fluid and mucus rehydrating the cells, releasing them from the buildup of mucus.

Treatments are most effective in a series and can be done as often as every week.


High frequency lymphatic sinus facials are designed to open and detox sinus inflammation through the lymphatic channels, opening breathing pathways often giving relief of symptoms such as asthma, snoring, sinus migraines and sleep apnea just to name a few. Clients are typically seen every two to four weeks.
Toxic fluid in the face combined with gravity pulls the face downward. Facial rejuvenation is a natural side effect as the process naturally removes fluid from the facial muscles, draining excess fluid, allowing elasticity in the skin to tighten and lift giving the face a more youthful look. 


When the body experiences trauma, particularly from surgery, it stimulates it's own healing process which starts with the cells sending fluid to the surgical site healing that trauma. A fully functioning lymphatic system will then remove that fluid, eliminating the toxic fluid through the kidneys and out through the urinary canal. If your lymphatic channel is toxic and slow moving (which is all of us), due to environmental toxins, our lymphatic systems cannot remove the fluid and it stays in the tissues. The tissue then becomes hard causing brawny edema which can itch and hurt. Lymphatic drainage by cold laser painlessly stimulates the movement of the lymphatic channel, allowing the brawny edema to soften and be removed from the body. Wounds, scars, stretch marks and unevenness in the skin may be resolved through this process.


Scarring occurs when the body's inflammatory response does not complete fully. When there is trauma to the body such as a cut or surgery, the natural trauma response is to swell the area, cushioning the trauma. In order to complete the healing process, the lymphs must remove that swelling through their channels and out through excretory processes of the body. Should that removal process be stagnated or slow, that healing fluid then settles in the tissues becoming scarred or scar tissue. Scar tissue that continues to build puckers the skin creating a topical scar. 

High frequency lymphatic stimulation restarts the lymphs, quickly alleviating scar tissue under the skin which allows for topical healing of the skin cells healing the scar or keloid.

Multiple treatments may be needed for complete scar healing.

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