The term holistic refers to the  'whole.' You cannot affect or treat a diseased condition nor live in a state of complete wellness without taking the whole body into account. When we speak of image in general, we often refer to the outward appearance. But the whole body is comprised of spirit, mind and body. Your spirit, or energy, feeds your mind which feeds your body.  If your energy is toxic, your mind and then body follow, exhibiting itself in diseases of the physical body.

What does your holistic image project onto your outward appearance? What does it say about your current state of wellness? Are you sick and tired, or happy and healthy? 

Lymphatic drainage through Jade therapy, naturally detoxes and resets your holistic image allowing your inner energy to heal the outer body as we were designed.


the miracle of

Lymphatic drainage 

Jade Facial
Body Contouring
Jade Sinus Facials
Bunion Treatment
Scar Treatment
Post Op Tummy Tuck
Sciatic Pain
Hair Loss

Facial Rejuvenation

body contouring/breast lift

sinus drainage facials

Bunion Tx

scar tx

post op lymphatic drainage

sciatic/generalized pain

hair loss




CEJ Images is based out of both Maryland and Atlanta, GA.

Our MD location is inside of Your Body By Design Medispa

9811 Greenbelt Rd #104 Lanham, MD 20706


Our GA location is 2531 Piedmont Rd. NE #302 Atlanta, GA 30324

Inside My Salon Suites

Concierge services (home or work) are also available.

$100 Surcharge applies


Hours vary from state to state

Please visit for Maryland spa hours

Concierge hours are by client request

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