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Meet Sincere

Meet Sincere. Sincere is a 3-year old who came to me for severe allergy and breathing problems. When he came for his first appointment, he was in pretty bad shape. His eyes were so swollen, they looked as if someone had punched him in them. He had lost all of his hair including his eyebrows and sideburns, his head was misshapen, he could not breathe well at all (his throat closed when outside), he had no energy, very active eczema and spoke with a very significant lisp that only his father could understand. He had been medicated almost since the day he was born and was on two different steroids, 2 nasal sprays and the doctors wanted to put him on another steroid to try and regrow his hair.

At his first appointment, I performed a consult where I physically felt around the head, neck, throat, chest and ears and could literally feel the 'bubbles' of inflammation and mucus that were causing his issues. It was clear that he was not getting enough oxygen to the face and consequently to the head, causing his hair loss. He was also on nasal sprays which are aerosol inhalers. Aerosols are substances enclosed under pressure that are normally released as a fine spray BUT are released by a propellant gas! Once that gas settles in the head, face, neck or chest, it becomes inflamed thus making it difficult to breathe by blocking circulation of oxygen. That would cause the swollen eyes, loss of hair and mucus buildup in the face, chest and head. There are sinus cavities in the head that need oxygen to allow the follicles to sprout hair. If no oxygen, no hair. When I checked his throat and underneath his jawline, I could feel large knots of mucus on either side of his tongue which were holding his tongue back in his throat, causing him to speak with an impediment.

During his first visit, Sincere was so drained of energy, all he could do was lie on the table. I used a painless, cold laser on his chest and face, particularly under the eyes to get his lymphatic system stimulated enough to start detoxing itself. Cold laser is safe enough for children as young as 1. The body's lymphatic system is the body's trash can and it's filter and is the system we were all given that runs along the veins and capillaries whose function is to pull toxins from the blood. In a healthy body, the lymph system can 'clean' before toxins get into cells and tissues causing damage and breakdown. It is located in the thoracic duct in the neck and gets 'fed' whatever it is being fed from the nose, face and head. If the nose, face and head are all inflamed and backed up with mucus, mucus is being fed to the body. The body CANNOT process through mucus. It will slow the body's function to a crawl and symptoms like Sincere's will permeate the body.

Watch the video as Sincere makes a complete 180 turnaround in just a few treatments. It is such an easy treatment, I often let Sincere perform his own treatments as he, like all of us, are paramount to our own healing.

In just 3 treatments (2 months), Sincere's lisp went away, his hair began to grow back, his eczema healed, and not only could he go outside, he began to play flag football!! He continues to get better and the photos below will show the aesthetic change over a 6 month time period. The healing process begins and ends with detoxing the toxic environment that we live in. Toxic medications fill the body with inflammatory substances that cause the body to slow it's function and retain fluid, initiating problems.

Notice in the photos below that in just a few months, Sincere became a different child.

1. The shape of his head changed as the circulation of oxygen moved through the entirety of the head and scalp.

2. His eyebrows grew back.

3. His hair started to grow.

4. His eyes were no longer swollen and pulled inward.

5. The shape of his head changed from elongated to round.

6. Skin color is detoxed and has a healthy tone.

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